Im sorry our services department lost your camera.



“Im sorry our services department lost your camera.”

This is the first thing out of the owners mouth.  How would you have responded? I honestly don’t know how I would’ve responded… but I would have expected SOME empathy…

My husband and I dropped off a camera to have serviced. It was a camera with much sentimental value.  It was the camera that went everywhere with my Father around the globe while he was in the Navy on the USS Midway (II).  It was purchased in Japan under special circumstances and was the camera that had actually taken MY newborn photos 32 years ago.  It was a camera that we wanted to have restored if possible and maybe even keep for several generations for stories and recollection.

I walked up to their Service Center counter and had a copy of my order in my hand. There was only one man behind the counter and he looked down at my Service Repair Receipt and he shook his head mumbled, “There a specific person you need to speak to about this order. I’m sorry we lost your camera.” This is something that you NEVER want to hear. I am in tears at this point walking down to their Sales area.  I ask their front desk if I could make an appointment to speak with the owner. She said that, “He should be here,” and she paged him, which he responded to.  She then mentioned he could speak to me now. I waited 10 minutes or so and he immediately said, without introducing himself, ”Im sorry our services department lost your camera.” I look at him in the eye perplexed and he immediately goes on to how he has, “An equivalent camera of  the model he could give me,” and that, “my Father wouldn’t notice the difference.” I am rather shocked and speechless by this sentence. I mention that I am unfamiliar with film cameras and would like to have my husband present to decide *the replacement* and just then begin sobbing unfortunately, because Im thinking about what Im going to tell my father.  He entrusted me to take care of this camera, so that I could take it in for service, and this joke-of-a-business that *I* entrusted to have serviced LOST IT.  WHO DOES THAT??

He proceeded to coax me to walk across the street to their rental and used shopping department -where I continued to cry and drag my feel because of the disappointing news -where the first thing out of their specialist’s mouth was, “Um Sir, these units are not cleaned nor calibrated…” The owner responded with a,”That’s alright,” and a,”So, you said you had pictures of your Dad’s camera?” I replied with “Yes, it on my iPhone.” I loaded the photos of my Dad’s camera and they barely glanced at it and pointed at their used Nikon F2 cameras and again the owner suggested, “Your father will not notice.”

I ended up leaving and telling them I had to speak to my husband. It broke my heart that they lost the camera and they were the most bitter people about it. There was NO EMPATHY. They have been avoiding me since January saying there is “someone else handling this.” I have never had such horrible service in my life. They are a disgusting business to deal with and I wish nothing but bad luck on them as a company. I have never met such a selfish, unempathetic, impatient jerk and I think that the owner of this company IS THAT. 

I don’t know what would be the *EQUIVALENT* of replacing my Father’s camera would be, but I wish I had gotten some respect, some empathy, and was at least felt like I was taken care of.